article on art + science collaboration

Thanks to Scott Chamberlain at r-ecology for sending me this article in the Guardian about collaborations between artists and scientists. The article opens, “Science and art are often considered opposites – so what happens when top practitioners in each field collaborate?”. Well, I think you know what I’d call it. Biocreativity! The article describes four very interesting collaborations between an artists and geneticist, a poet and speech scientist, a photographer and physiologist and theater director and neuroscientist. I think what I find most interesting about the article are the comments. This is probably the most intense discussion of the intersection of arts and sciences I’ve seen in a while. Interestingly, while I (and several of the commenters) tend to see this intersection as more of a continuum, many of the commenters seem to need to classify works as one or the other: artistic or scientific, and are staunchly defending their views. What do you think?

1 thought on “article on art + science collaboration

  1. That opening sentence is just pure laziness. Can we stop acting like science and art collaborations are something completely new, and that the “polar opposite” fields of science and art are separated by a gap that can never be breached except by a few daring pioneers? These types of articles always go on to mention that many well-known historical and current scientists have artistic/ creative backgrounds, essentially undermining their thesis. I know I have been totally guilty of using that premise when I first started writing about science/art collaborations, but it doesn’t take too much experience to start being more creative with the idea. I wish we could expect more evolved thinking from the Guardian, but oh well. I think the Guardian’s eagerness to classify science and art as separate is the type of thinking that supports the commenters’ views.

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