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As is appropriate for today’s holiday I wanted to take some time for giving thanks here on the biocreativity blog. This is by far my favorite holiday. I was born on it. My uncle even brought the feast to the hospital so my extended family could be there to greet me! And so, I’m excited to be writing my first of (hopefully) many Thanksgiving posts! Let me start by giving thanks for the biocreative artists I just couldn’t live without (in no particular order):

John James Audubon

I found this great virtual tour of Audubon’s Wild Turkey, Male (Meleagris gallopavo), with a little intro by Martin of

A short virtual tour of one of the most iconic images to come from American Folk Art. First published in 1832 as Plate 1 of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. Sadly, all the original prints suffer extreme changes due to unstable pigments used in their production. The colours of this example have been corrected back to their original hues and all engraving, printing, colouring and aging effects removed to show the print as it would have been when first published – had the engravers and colourists been able to do a faultless job.

Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel, Muscinae, 1904.

What’s not to love? Here’s a fabulous Haeckel in brilliant colors with his characteristic and almost overwhelming lushness and diversity of life. Click here to see a numbered key for the plants in Haeckel’s Muscinae

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy, Red Maple Leaves

This man’s work never ceases to leave me fairly awe-struck. He does all of his work by hand, with found natural materials, often in fairly uncomfortable weather conditions. And, like nature itself, most of his work is ephemeral and is documented in photographs before the elements reclaim the work. Simply beautiful.

Charley Harper

Turkey Talk by Charley Harper. Featured by my fellow Charley fans over at Fabulous Frames & Art Blog

I can’t say enough about my love for Charley’s work. His graphic images simplify the beauty of nature without sacrificing it’s beauty or specificity. Thanks Charley!

I am so thankful for all of you readers out there. If it weren’t for you it would be pretty lonely here on the biocreativity blog. Thanks to all of you who have pointed me in the direction of artist-scientists that are new to me: you have helped me discover some very talented people of which I would otherwise be innocently ignorant. My life is better for having discovered them through you. For that I am very, very grateful. Many of these folks have now been featured in the ECO Art + Science Series, and I have a long and exciting queue of biocreative people yet to feature! Please, keep your suggestions coming!

In closing, I’m very thankful that I get to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving this year – my first post-grad-school holiday! If you’re still grading, writing, researching, working, or whatever it is you’re busy with today, here’s something I used to wish for when I was immersed in my studies: a Thanksgiving meal that makes itself! Not entirely “bio”creative (well, it is made with fruit), but y’all know how much I love to fiddle with stop motion. This was shot at my grandparent’s house in 2009 and is just now seeing the light of (Thanksgiving) day. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and thanks so much for reading!

1 thought on “thank you!

  1. Thanks to you for producing and curating this awesome blog! Just stumbled across it, and am looking forward to following your posts! I love all the artists in this post as well. Another artist I enjoy is Ray Troll, have you heard of him?

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