International Science + Engineering Visualization Challenge!

“Science and Engineering’s Most Powerful Statements are Not Made From Words Alone”

Well, here at the biocreativity blog, we couldn’t agree more! That means it’s time for the National Science Foundation and Science Magazine‘s 2012 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. This year’s Challenge opened on June 1st, to celebrate “the grand tradition of science visualization and to encourage its continued growth”. Since 2003, this contest has gathered some of the best scientific visualizations including photography, illustration, posters + graphics, video and now games + apps from an international pool of artist-scientists.

Microbe vs. Mineral – A Life and Death Struggle in the Desert. Credit: Michael P. Zach, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 2009 Honorable Mention.

“Some of science’s most powerful statements are not made in words. From DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man to Rosalind Franklin’s X-rays, science visualization has a long and literally illustrious history. To illustrate is to enlighten! Illustrations provide the most immediate and influential connection between scientists and other citizens, and the best hope for nurturing popular interest. They are a necessity for public understanding of research developments.” -NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge


The Glass Forest. Credit: Mario De Stefano, The Second University of Naples. 2008 First Place Photography.

Do you have a great science visualization you’d like to enter? The Challenge is open until September 28th, and you can make your entry via the online entry form!

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