This blog explores the interrelatedness of the arts + sciences. Because there is such a large and beautiful continuum of artist-scientists (or scientist-artists, if you prefer) out there, this blog focuses more closely on the relationship between the arts, the science of biology + nature. Hence, biocreativity is any activity that combines these subjects through content, purpose, craft or materials. This blog is intended to serve the biocreative community by providing useful resources, promoting important events and endeavors, and featuring the work of both well-known and as-yet-undiscovered artist-scientists.

The author, hayley gillespie, is an artist-scientist who recently earned a doctoral degree in ecology, evolution + animal behavior. She also holds a bachelor of arts in biology with minors in environmental studies + art. Her scientific research focuses on endangered species + conservation biology and she enjoys using creative expression to help communicate science to the public and policymakers. She recently opened her own pottery + art studio in austin, tx and her own artwork takes inspiration from biology, science and the world around us.

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  2. Hi Hayley!

    YAY! is all i can say. thanks so much for doing this! not only am I an artist turned scientist, but I write songs about ecology and I have an art exhibition coming up in the spring for a photo exhibition on invasive plant species.

    Hear my music at http://lizziewrightsuperspaceship.bandcamp.com/

    and if you are interested, i will keep you up to date on my photo project.

    forest ecology lab
    university of missouri.

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