I am really pleased to announce that the biocreativity blog has grown! Sensing a need for a physical space in which to feature some of the biocreative talents you read about here on the biocreativity blog, I founded Art.Science.Gallery. in June 2012. It’s an innovative new art gallery, science communication training center and (soon-to-be) event space in Austin, Texas. Indeed, our first show featured the work of ECO Art + Science artist Emily Bryant, and our upcoming show will feature another pair of artists from that series, Adam Cohen + Ben Labay’s Inked Animals (Sept 30-Oct 31, 2012). You can also stay tuned for the third incarnation of the Art from the Ashes benefit show for the Lost Pines Recovery team as we head to the Texas Forestry Museum (Oct 6-Nov 30, 2012). We are always looking for great science-art to feature (and have expanded beyond the biological sciences), and look forward to receiving your art submissions and workshop + class proposals.


At Art.Science.Gallery. our mission is to provide a friendly environment to make science more accessible to everyone through science-related visual arts exhibitions, foster the careers of emerging and established artist-scientists and to provide professional development opportunities for scientists to become more engaging public communicators.

what can you do at Art.Science.Gallery.?

For Everyone:

  • Visit exhibitions of great art in a relaxed and friendly environment (viewing is always  FREE!).
  • Explore the science behind the artworks on display.
  • Learn more about how art is made, how to start your own art collection and how artists enhance our lives with their work.
  • Buy some great art and support the livelihood of great artists from the current exhibition.
  • COMING SOON: Exercise both lobes of your brain in one of our hands-on art-science labs to explore something new and fascinating! Have a certain science topic you’d like to explore just for fun? Just email us at info [at] artsciencegallery [dot] com and let us know!
  • COMING SOON: Host your event or meeting in our fun and friendly gallery and event space!

For Scientists

  • COMING SOON: Become a better science communicator with our hands-on training courses in science communication. Proposals for workshops and courses are currently being accepted! Instructions for workshop/class proposals can be found here.

For Artists

  • Artist submissions are now open! Please consider submitting your science-related art for future shows or in online features on the biocreativity blog. Art submission instructions can be found here.
  • COMING SOON: Find fulfilling collaborations with scientists in our community  and participate in workshops for artists to learn new techniques. Proposals for artist workshops are currently being accepted!

why art + science?

We reject the idea that one must be categorized as either an “artist” or a “scientist”, and we welcome anyone along the great spectrum of artists and scientists to explore and participate in Art.Science.Gallery.! Both those educated as “artists” and as “scientists” are trained to seek out novelty and contribute to their fields in new and exciting ways. We think those people who can innovatively blend the two disciplines have the best chance of improving art, science and social literacy around the world. One reason we opened Art.Science.Gallery. is to give these artist-scientists a platform through which to present their work and perspective from their place on the biocreativity continuum. As public funding for the arts and sciences continues to decrease, it is increasingly important to provide accessible multidisciplinary content that engages public audiences in these subjects. So, Art.Science.Gallery. encourages people of all ages to explore contemporary art and basic science in a fun and relaxed environment.

Indeed, the Scientific American blog Symbiartic recently evaluated thegrowing science art movement, measuring its strength via the size of ScienceArtists FriendFeed (a multi-blog feed of many dozens of science-related art and artist blogs, of which the biocreativity blog is a part). This new science-art aesthetic seems to be testing the boundaries of both art and science to establish itself as its own field; a beautiful hybrid between art and science that once existed during Ernst Haeckel’s, Charles Darwin’s and John James Audubon’s times. Art.Science.Gallery. seeks to further this movement by directly fostering art-science collaborations and by featuring the work of both emerging and established contemporary artist-scientists.

Art.Science.Gallery. will also serve as a hub for art-science collaborations and science communication training. We believe all scientists – especially those whose work is supported by public funds and/or at public institutions – have a responsibility to communicate their work effectively to the public. Unfortunately, relatively few colleges and universities offer specific training to their students in science communication. We will soon be offering training courses and workshops for scientists to help them become more engaging and creative public communicators as well as fun hands-on science-art classes for the public.


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