‘connections’ at the metropolitan museum of art

Connections | Metropolitan Museum of ArtI am absolutely in love with the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2011 Connections series.  What I really love is that Connections is that it’s a different take on the traditional art exhibit, which usually features a single artist or group of similar artists. Connections seeks to, well, connect otherwise unrelated art + artifacts through simple yet fascinating topics. While I long to see some of these treasures in person, the web-based audiovisual “tours” are simply and elegantly presented to really let the work stand out. I also love that this series introduces us to the folks who work in the museum, so we can learn more about their interests and passions.

Of course, the ones I find most enticing are those with biocreative themes: Birding (3/2/2011), Water (4/6/2011), Bugs (6/15/2011) + Crocodiles (6/29/2011). The most recent of these – Trees (7/6/2011) – combines everything from artists depictions of trees, tree symbology, photographs of trees and even things made of trees (furniture, sculpture, curios, etc.).

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had access to the Met’s collections to make your own Connections piece? Well, you (kind of) can! Choose a topic, search the Met’s collections database and fill your own “My Met Gallery” with up to 50 items. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to share my gallery publicly, but I made a fun herpetology-themed exhibit. Here is one of my favorite items in my gallery: Skink and Snake (Tokage and Hebi), from Picture Book of Selected Insects with Crazy Poems (Ehon Mushi Erabi). Maybe gallery sharing is something I can suggest to the Met for next year. It would be really interesting to let the public create and share their own web-based Connections galleries via the online collection database! In the meantime, watch for new Connections episodes every Wednesday; I hope they keep doing this well into the future! What’s in your gallery?