Biocreativity on the Road: Botanical Art at the Austin Convention Center


Texas Botanicals by Jill Bedgood

"Texas Botanicals" by Jill Bedgood in the west corridor of Level 3, Austin Convention Center

For those of you currently at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Austin, TX head to level 3 of the Austin Convention Center. Along the wall between meeting rooms 8 and 7 you’ll have a chance to view a series of beautiful botanical paintings entitled, “Texas Botanicals” by local artist Jill Bedgood, which are part of the City of Austin’s Art in Public Spaces collection. Created between 1996 and 1998 these larger-than-life oil paintings are displayed in series of five panels each and represent “Grasses”, “Shrubs & Aquatic Plants”, “Cacti & Succulents”, “Wildflowers” and “Trees & Vines.” A great example of local biocreativity you can enjoy without leaving the convention center!

And, though it’s a bit early to think about going home, don’t forget to check out more of Austin’s public collection at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport when you leave, which includes a horned lizard sculpture by Bedgood and paintings entitled Green Austin Series by one of my favorite local painters, Jimmy Jalapeeno (located on the walls by security checkpoint 1 and 2).

salute to Gregor Mendel and his peas via Google logo

In a fantastic example of biocreativity, the Google logo of today depicts pea pods in honor of the father of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel, who would have been 189 years old today. For those unfamiliar with Mendel’s work, he discovered some of the most basic rules of genetic inheritance (now called Mendelian genetics or Mendelian inheritance) from his seminal experiments on cross-breeding pea plants.


This simple yet elegant Google “doodle” has certainly done its part to spread awareness of Mendel’s contribution to modern science. Several dozen news outlets and blogs have covered Mendel thanks to the Google doodle today including The LA Times, the Guardian, USA TodayMashable and PC Magazine.

Do you have a great idea? You can submit your own biocreative Google doodle ideas or drawings to and you can view all past doodles at Enjoy!