This blog explores the interrelatedness of the arts + sciences. Because there is such a large and beautiful continuum of artist-scientists (or scientist-artists, if you prefer) out there, this blog focuses more closely on the relationship between the arts, the science of biology + nature. Hence, biocreativity is any activity that combines these subjects through content, purpose, craft or materials. This blog is intended to serve the biocreative community by providing useful resources, promoting important events and endeavors, and featuring the work of both well-known and as-yet-undiscovered artist-scientists.

The author, hayley gillespie, is an artist-scientist who recently earned a doctoral degree in ecology, evolution + animal behavior. She also holds a bachelor of arts in biology with minors in environmental studies + art. Her scientific research focuses on endangered species + conservation biology and she enjoys using creative expression to help communicate science to the public and policymakers. She recently opened her own pottery + art studio in austin, tx and her own artwork takes inspiration from biology, science and the world around us.

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  1. Greetings from Switzerland,

    I am an agroecologist working on invasive species, biological control and arthropod-symbiont interactions (see http://alexaebi.wordpress.com for more details). I am also an artist recycling used cans and coffee capsules to create a brand new recycled biodiversity (see http://www.recycleandplay.ch). My insects caught the eye of a jewelry designer with whom I created a unique collection of contemporary rings (see http://www.bubblebugzzz.com).

    I love the idea of your blog and of a biocreativity movement being on its way in the United-States (I feel a little lonely here in Switzerland).

  2. Hayley,

    I just moved to Austin in August 2011 after finishing degrees in Sustainability and Studio Art from a college in Ohio. I have two different series of sustainable art. One is a series of invasive insects made out of pressed invasive plants using plant-based glue. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/86594380/sustainable-archival-8×10-bamboo-art)
    The other series is made by merging photos of native species in photoshop. I print these photos on sustainable bamboo paper from a facility that is powered by 100% renewable energy. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/86595417/10-eco-sustainable-recycled-blank-5×7)
    I have been exploring ways to make art that provides an environmental message and is made from sustainable, non-toxic materials. I would love any suggestions you may have on displaying my artwork in Austin or on your blog. I believe in connecting people with nature to inspire conservation, and I think art is a great medium for it. Keep up the great work, I enjoy looking at your site!

    • Hi Emily! I would love to do an ECO Art + Science Series post with you! I absolutely love your work; let’s get together for coffee sometime. I would love to see more of your work.

  3. By the way, with regard to your post (with comments now closed) about the Bastrop fires, I meant to ask if you realized the irony of someone with the name Feuer founding an organization called Art from the Ashes, given that Feuer is the German word for ‘fire.’

    • Steve- yeah, Joy is great, and has a great name! I’ll look into why the comments are closed for that post, I didn’t know that 😉

  4. Greetings from… Austin. I’m glad to see you exploring the interrelations between art and science.
    Since June I’ve been doing a daily column devoted primarily to our native plants, which I’ve striven to portray photographically in ways that reveal their character. (Some animals have made appearances as well.) Come have a look and see what you think.

    Steve Schwartzman

  5. Hi Hayley, what a cool blog!! I also navigate between, within and through ecology and art. I serve as a biological field technician on a seasonal basis for the National Park Service and I also recently got my certificate for natural science illustration from the University of Washington in Seattle. Your blog is inspiring and pushes me to keep going. My illustration blog is http://www.anneyenillustration.com and my mushroom art blog is http://letsdeliquesce.com/. Please stop by for a visit. Many thanks for what you do!

    • Hi Anne, sorry for the tardy reply. I L-O-V-E your illustrations! Let’s do an ECO Art + Science Series post together! Artwork from folks like you is why the biocreativity blog exists!

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